Scotch game

Is the scotch game a good chess opening?

Yes it is. However, it kind of depends on how black decides to play their game, like every chess game opening out there. But if things early on play your way, you’re more or less guaranteed to have the better momentum after the initial trades.

Scotch game chess opening PGN

Pro’s playing the Scotch game

  • You’re more or less guaranteed to have a greater momentum of your developed pieces after the initial trades have been made.
  • It is almost impossible for black to cover the E5 square if the scotch game is played properly.
  • Is a good response to the Ruy Lopez chess opening.

Con’s playing the Scotch game

  • Trades are being made very early on in the game, reducing the number of pieces in the game, which might make the opponent feel more relaxed since the initial tension is gone.
  • If black decides to capture the D4 pawn, it will take an additional move for the white knight to develop properly.
  • Your E4 pawn is an easy target for black, without an easy way in to recapture.