Ruy lopez opening

Is the Spanish chess opening (Ruy Lopez) good?

Yes, we on RookieRook believe that the Ruy Lopez chess opening is a great way to start a game of chess. If you keep yourself calm and develop your pieces in peace, then we believe that you get the option of controlling the game as you please.

If you find yourself in this position, you have the option of doing the Ruy Lopez chess opening.

Once the black player tries to match you and take their E pawn and face yours, it’s very common to move your king sided knight in order to put pressure on said E-pawn.

Unless the player is 100% new to the game, and if the game develops properly, they normally try to defend said pawn by moving their queen side knight to the following position. But at this stage you put pressure on their knight.

This is the Ruy Lopez chess opening and it’s a very common way of starting a nice game of chess.

Pro’s playing the Ruy Lopez chess opening

  • It’s an opening that contains lots of basic theories within itself, there’s alot of do’s and don’ts when using and defending the Ruy lopez chess opening. But if you play it carefully, develop your pieces accordingly, you can wait for the mistake of your opponent and strike.
  • If you’re good in dragged out chess matches, where you play many moves, this is a great chess opening for you.
  • You will focus on developing your pieces on the board, where you’ll be able to castle quite quick.

Con’s playing the Ruy lopez chess opening

  • You have to be a very patient chess player in order to pull this one off.
  • It will put your knowledge to the test, since this opening pretty much needs you to know all of the basics in order t pull it off. Where can you develop pressure, can you implement a fork and can you sacrifice a piece in order to gain a better position?
  • Black has plenty of ways of defending their pieces, since it’s a slow developing game with no “fancy moves”.
  • Your game will be developed and your light squared bishop will often be in danger for a free taking if you’re not careful.