Queens Gambit

Is the Queens Gambit good for beginners?

All of us at Rookierook would say that the chess opening Queens gambit is a good one for beginners. This specific chess opening doesn’t require as much theory knowledge, since it’s quite the standard chess opening with common trades. The main goal for you as white is to obtain more control of the four middle squares, if you manage to do so, you’re in a winning position.

Pro’s of the opening?

  • You’re fighting for the control of the four middle squares. You’ll sacrifice your C pawn in order to obtain the middle squares with your D and E pawn.
  • Right off the bat, you’ll pressure the opponent, which leaves them open for early game mistakes
  • You’ll create open space for your pieces and develop them early on.

Cons of the opening?

  • If you’re new on the theory behind this, you’ll probably not be able to execute it properly, which means you’ll blunder a pawn early, which leaves you in an underdog position.
  • You wont have as many options to set your opponent in check.
  • Black might counter attack your pawn on the D4 square.

Queens gambit – Accepted

If your opponents captures your C pawn with their D pawn, they have accepted the Queens gambit, intentionally or unintentionally.

Queens gambit – Denied

If the opponent refuse to capture your Cp awn, it means that they are denying the queens gambit, This means that the opponent wont develop their pieces in a certain way, which makes it impossible for us to complete the Queens gambit. When they deny the opening, they normally open with E6.

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