Caro Kann defense

How to do the Caro kann defense?

If white opens with E4, then you move the C pawn in to C6. By doing this, you have started using the Caro Kann defense!

Is the Caro Kann defense good for beginners?

Yes, the Caro Kann defense is a good opening response for beginners. considering that you are playing a bit passive and can try to develop your pieces in time while waiting for the white player to make their first attacking move. This is a strategy that’s good for lower rated players, since lower rated players tend to make more mistakes.

So while using the Caro Kann Defense, you wait for the white player to make the mistakes and you capitalize on it.

How do I learn it?

by making the opening response as we provided in the start of the page, you can develop almost any way you like, as long as you don’t leave any pawns or other pieces hanging!

What’s the point of the Caro Kann Defense?

The main goal of the Caro Kann Defense is to capitalize on the mistakes of the white player. Players in the lower ratings tend to play more aggressive than they should and often makes some blunders.